Statements about E2 Forum Frankfurt

Iris Jeglitza-Moshage
Iris Jeglitza-Moshage, Senior Vice President, Messe Frankfurt (Source: Pietro Sutera, Messe Frankfurt 2016)

‘The E2 Forum Frankfurt will be of considerable value as an innovation forum, a source of knowledge for the elevator and escalator industry, offering access to key target groups in modern building services technology. Frankfurt is the trade fair venue for intelligent building services technology, playing host to the leading international trade fairs, Light + Building and ISH. We also leverage our trade fair expertise to organise fairs and forums worldwide for the elevator and escalator industry.’

Dr. Peter Hug, Managing Director, VDMA Escalators and Elevators trade association
Dr. Peter Hug, Managing Director, VDMA Escalators and Elevators trade association

‘The E2 Forum Frankfurt is, to use the language of project managers, the `body of knowledge´ for the elevator and escalator industry. The focus is on innovations. Solution-oriented concepts offer planners, architects and operators a sound basis for their day-to-day business and for new ideas. Embedded in sustainable and efficient buildings, elevators and escalators form the basis for optimal indoor mobility. For an event like the E2 Forum, there is certainly no better location than the high-rise city of Frankfurt. We are therefore looking forward to the E2 Forum at Messe Frankfurt in 2022.’

Prof. Dr. Werner Sobek
Prof. Dr. Werner Sobek, engineer and architect, opening speaker at the conference in the E2 Forum Frankfurt (Source: A.T. Schaefer Stuttgart 2018)

‘The architecture of the future urgently stringently requires engineering, design and sustainability in urban contexts. With its focus on the elevator and escalator technology of tomorrow, the E2 Forum Frankfurt is picking up on one of the most important structural topics in this field. Architecture has to sympathetically understand and integrate both the vertical and horizontal transport of people.’

Renato Turri
Renato Turri, Managing Director, PSA Publishers Ltd. world-architects - Profiles of Selected Architects (Source: Mathias Dürr)

‘According to forecasts, two out of three people will live in urban areas by 2050. This creates major challenges for architects in the planning, construction and operation of buildings. The transport of people in urban areas is playing an increasingly important role. The E2 Forum Frankfurt takes up this important topic and promotes the dialogue between industry and architecture within the framework of a specialist conference on elevator and escalator technology.’

‘Attending this event will show the things in reality. Products and innovations can be seen and touched – this multiple impression cannot be compared to online given information and represents a suitable complement to our curriculum.’

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Karen Ehlers, Dean Faculty 1: Architecture - Civil Engineering – Geomatics, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences